SOUTH AMERICA  April-December 2004


ECUADOR  (3 weeks)  "Rookie mistakes" at the beginning of eight-months of travel in South America; family stay & Spanish lessons in Cuenca; close encounters with thieves in Quito. (For Napo River outing see AMAZONIA travelogue) 
GALAPAGOS  (8 days)  Cruise through Galapagos Islands on the Coral
AMAZONIA  (2 weeks) Terrible eco-lodge on Napo River in Ecuadorian Amazonia; wonderful Mamiraua eco-lodge in Brazilian Amazonia; terrifying Amazon River journey with smugglers; Iquitos; monkeys, jaguar and anteater in private reserve in Peruvian Amazonia
PERU  (6 weeks)  Local family stay, Spanish lessons and festivals in Cusco; trekking to Machu Picchu; Sacred Valley; Moray ruins, salt pans. (For Iquitos, see AMAZONIA travelogue)
BOLIVIA  (5 weeks)  Uyuni salt flats via jeep; Copacabana, Lake Titicaca & Isla del Sol; La Paz; "World's Most Dangerous Road" to Corioco; silver mine in Potosi; family stay, festivals, visit with Quechua family, & Spanish lessons in Sucre
BRAZIL  (3 weeks)  Horseback riding, piranha fishing, capybaras, coatis, birds and other wildlife in Pantanal wetlands; snorkeling in Bonito rivers; hiking next to thunderous Iguazu Falls. (For Brazilian Amazonia see AMAZONIA travelogue)
ARGENTINA & URUGUAY  (5 weeks)  Uruguay: home-stays in Montevideo & Punta del Este, visit to Colonia; Argentina: 3 weeks in Buenos Aires: steaks, wine, tango, walking tours, soccer, rugby, polo, concerts, leather shops, absentee voting in U.S. election; hiking near mountain resort towns of Bariloche & Villa la Angostura
PATAGONIA  (5 weeks)  CHILE: Chiloe Island, Puerto Montt, 4-day Navimag ferry cruise through Chilean fjords, Puerto Natales, hut-to-hut trekking in Torres del Paine National Park; ARGENTINA: El Calafate, Moreno Glacier, cruising past icebergs to five glaciers; El Chalten: ice-trekking on glaciers; Ushuaia: the southernmost city on earth - El fin del mundo.
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